Marilau Mexican cooking school classes in San Miguel de Allende

Marilau Mexican Cooking School
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Marilau Mexican Cooking School classes in San Miguel de Allende

Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School

Cooking classes with Marilau Ricaud

Cooking Classes in San Miguel    

I’m happy to design an intensive one-on-one session or series of classes for you, or, if you’d rather be part of a group, we can arrange that, too. I take pride in customizing my classes to suit the needs of all students in my well-equipped kitchen classroom, with a maximum of 10 students per class to insure individualized attention to each.

Learn authentic Mexican recipes passed down in my family for over 200 years, including soups, rices, main dishes and special classes in:


Choose Your Class:

Salsas: Mexican pepper sauces are a required class. It is a basic class on how to prepare and cook all important peppers, including techniques. You will learn to make six primary base sauces, complete with recipes and suggested uses in your kitchen at home.

Mole: This is the most exquisite and complicated Mexican salsa. A mole is a very thick salsa (gravy-like) made from at least 30 ingredients, such as dry chiles, fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts, etc., including, of course, chocolate. (FAMILY RECIPE)

Tamales in corn husks: Traditional Mexican dish made out of corn dough, filled with meat and salsa, wrapped in corn husks and steamed. (FAMILY RECIPE)

Heirloom Mexican menus:
Spend a morning preparing one of my family’s heirloom menus. Enjoy a cafe de olla or an agua fresca as we work, and then relish the results. Invite family and friends to share the feast (small additional charge).

For the Culinary Professional:
An intensive introduction to Mexican cuisine.

Basic Techniques:
Learn how to prepare nopales (cactus pads), how capeado (egg-white batter) is used, how to prepare dry and fresh chiles for different dishes, and many other tips.

Create your own class!
Mix and match, make up your own menu. You decide what dishes and/or techniques you want to learn.

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Marilau Mexican Cooking School in San Miguel de Allende
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